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Service Request & Sample Submission Form

Sample details(e.g. Tomato, seeds/leaves, etc) Lot/Batch No. Catalog No. (see list below) Specific instructions if any

Instructions for sample submission:

  • General: Sample must be properly labeled and details must match what is mentioned in this request form

For Hybrid seed purity/hybrid characterization:

  • For each Hybrid, a minimum of 100 seeds each of Male, Female and Hybrid must be submitted initially for marker development at least 4-6 weeks before Hybrid Seed Lots are to be tested.
  • To check Seed purity in Hybrid Seed Lots, sample must be taken from a thoroughly mixed lot to ensure true representation of the lot and accurate result and ~2000 seeds per lot submitted.
  • Samples must be fully dry, uncontaminated and packed in an air tight container.

For GMO detection:

For Transgenic plant screening, copy number detection, point of detection and zygosity tests:

  • Details of construct (gene of interest, markers) must be provided

Type of Service: Hybrid Seed Purity Testing

Catalogue No.: CSS 12

Type of Service: GMO detection

Catalogue No.: GMO 01

Catalogue No.: GMO 02

Type of Service: Screening for Transgenic plants

Catalogue No.: CSS 08 <10 plants

Catalogue No.: CSS 09<100 plants

Catalogue No.: CSS 10 <1,000 plants

Type of Service: Transgene Copy No. detection

Catalogue No.: RTP 01

Type of Service: Point of Integration detected

Catalogue No.: CSS 07

Type of Service: Zygosity tests developed

Catalogue No.: CSS 11

Type of Service: Development of Microsatellite Library Genotyping by SSR/ STR analysis Fragment Analysis by GeneMapper/GeneScan

Catalogue No.: SSR 01 (20Markers)

Catalogue No.: SSR 02 (30markers)

Catalogue No.: SSR 03 (40markers SSR 04)

Catalogue No.: (50markers) SSR 05(<100 markers)

Catalogue No.: SSR 06 (<1,000 markers)

Catalogue No.: SSR 07(>1,000 markers)

Catalogue No.: STR 01 (<100 markers)

Catalogue No.: STR 02 (<1,000 markers)

Catalogue No.: STR 03 (>1,000 markers)

Type of Service: Genotyping by AFLP

Catalogue No.: AFL 01

Type of Service: AFLP Fragment Analysis

Catalogue No.: AFL 01

Type of Service: Genotyping by RAPD (Non-Fluorescent primer)

Catalogue No.: RAPD 01

Type of Service: Genotyping by RAPD (Fluorescent primer) Development of

Catalogue No.: RAPD 02

Type of Service: ARMS Marker

Catalogue No.: ARMS 01

Type of Service: Development of SCAR Marker

Catalogue No.: DSP 01

Type of Service: Genotyping by SNP Analysis

Catalogue No.: SEQ 09


Sample dispatch by courier is at customers risk; Chromous Seeds is not responsible for not receiving the samples in proper condition or on time mentioned by customer as delivery date.

  • Customer must satisfy himself about the condition of sample as being fit to carry out the requested services/tests. If received from third party (courier/post), customer will accept the condition as reported by Chromous seeds i.e. being fit for conducting the requested service/analyes/tests or otherwise.
  • Samples are sent The test(s) herein reported was/were conducted on a sample provided by the requesting party
  • Preferred sample size for seed testing varies between crops and size of the seed lot.
  • Between 100 and 400 seeds are tested that represents a single lot.
  • Data quality depends on sampling protocols, size of lots and laws of statistics (probability).
  • Test results are representative of the condition of the sample & the sampling strategy.
  • Any clarifications required or discrepancy noticed must be brought to our notice within 15 days of receipt of the report
  • LIABILITY for damages for any cause, including breach of contract, breach of warranty and negligence, with respect to the test results or this test report is LIMITED TO A REFUND OF THE FEE CHARGED FOR TESTING THE SEED. THIS REMEDY IS EXCLUSIVE.


Marketing Regional Manager:  Delhi, Mumbai

pHD in Life Sciences/Btech with MBA

 Sales Executive: Mumbai/Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi


Scientist I: Bangalore

Freshers/1-2 years experience in molecular Biology

Scientist II: Bangalore

M.Sc/pHD with experience in Sanger Sequencing and NGS


Send your CV to vandana@chromous.com