Plant Molecular Biology Services



Catalogue No.

Screening for Transgenic plants

Genomic DNA isolated

Specific Primers developed

PCR based detection with internal PCR controls

CSS 08 <10 plants

CSS 09 <100 plants

CSS 10 <1,000 plants

Transgene Copy No. detection

SYBR Green based protocol, performed  in triplicates

Copies of genes inserted within transgenic genome

Relative quantification based on house-keeping gene copy no.

RTP 01

Point of Integration detected (Event Characterization)

Flanking regions cloned and sequenced

Sequence data provided

Site of integration identified

Validation of data

CSS 07


Zygosity tests developed

For Parental seed purity testing

Zygosity test protocols for novel transgenic plants developed and validated

Based on flanking sequence data (Service CSS 07)

CSS 11

Hybrid Seed Purity Tested

Ready protocol for Bt-cotton

A batch consists is of 100 individual  seeds

Percentage  of impurity (parental seeds, other non-Bt hybrid seeds, etc.) detected

Fast protocol, can test upto 100 independent  batches per day

Reproducible upto ±1% error

CSS 12

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