Genotyping Services

Genotyping Services


Catalogue No.

Development of Microsatellite

Microsatellite library from for any organism 20, 30, 40 or 50 Markers are developed,  Charges vary

Marker specific primers designed  and PCRs standardized

All marker sequence data, primer-pairs and protocols delivered

SSR 01 (20 Markers)

SSR 02 (30 markers)

SSR 03 (40 markers)

SSR 04 (50 markers)

Genotyping by SSR/ STR analysis

Once the Microsatellite marker data is available (Service Cat. # SSR 01), genotyping can be initiated 

Genomic DNA isolated from individual sample

STR specific PCRs are performedusing flurescent primers sample 

PCR amplicons are sized on a Genetic analyzer

For studying 5 markers in 100 plants, No. of markers is calculated as: 100 x 5 = 500 markers

Synthesis of Fluorescent primers and PCR standardization are charged extra

SSR 05 (<100 markers)

SSR 06 (<1,000 markers)

SSR 07 (>1,000 markers)

Fragment Analysis by GeneMapper/ GeneScan

Fluorescent-tagged PCR products are sized on Capillary Sequencer

Compatible dyes are:

DS-33 (Dye set G5): FAMTM, NEDTM, VIC®, PET® and LIZ® 

DS-30 (Dye set D): FAMTM, HEXTM, NEDTM, and ROXTM

Services include: Performing PCR amplification, multiplexing (upto 4 Markers), Adding LIZ-500, Sample denaturation, Sample Run and Sizing fragments

Sizing data and Chromatogram are provided.

STR 01 (<100 runs)

STR 02 (>100 and <1,000 runs)

STR 03 (>1,000 runs)

Genotyping  by AFLP

Polymorphism analyses within segregating  populations, varieties, strains, etc.

Complete protocol starting from gDNA isolation to selective PCRs 
Guaranteed  polymorphism; Fluorescent  selective primers are charged extra


AFLP Fragement Analysis

Fluorescent–labeled AFLP profiles analyzed

Compatible dyes are:

DS-33 (Dye set G5): FAMTM, NEDTM, VIC®, PET® and LIZ® 

DS-30 (Dye set D): FAMTM, HEXTM, NEDTM, and ROXTM

Pair-wise sizing data, phylogenetic tree and Chromatogram provided.

AFL 01

Genotyping  by RAPD

(Non- Fluorescent primer)

RAPD analysis using 20-mer primer

Annealing at 55ºC, thus reproducible  profiles 20-30 bands on profile

Polymorphism  generated within closely related samples as well

Primer information, Agarose gel photo, etc. provided

Phylogeny  analyses is difficult


Genotyping  by RAPD

(Fluorescent primer)

RAPD  analysis using fluorescent  labeled 20-mer primer

Annealing at 55ºC thus reproducible profiles

RAPD profile analyzed on Genetic Analyzer

50-75 bands on profile

Polymorphism  generated within closely related samples as well

Phylogeny analyses is assured



Development of ARMS Marker

Distinguishes two similar genotypes

Primer-sets pecific to a genotype developed and validated

RAPD based  polymorphism detected
Polymorphic bands cloned and sequenced

ARMS primers designed and validated

ARMS  01

Authentication of Genotype by Barcoding

Profile developed using fluorescent labeled RAPD primer

Represented genome wide variation with ~1000 loci data

BAR 01

Development of SCAR Markers

Genotyping of closely related samples

Polymorphic RAPD profiles are  developed for  each sample

Sample  specific  markers/ primer-sets are  designed and    Genotypes  are validated

DSP 01

SNP detection and data Analysis

Sequencing-based protocol

Bi-directional sequence data to confirm SNPs, charged extra

SNPs marked on peak data Zygosity detected based on reference sequence data provided

Primers and PCR amplification conditions provided by Scientist

Primers, if required, are charged extra

In case PCR fails 9upon repeated attempts), we charge

SEQ 09











MicroArray & Genome Sequencing Services

Microarray service for detection expression level changes, aCGH, ChIP on chip, Methylation profiling and  miRNA profiling

MAS  01

Trnscriptome Sequencing: cDNA library preparation 

cDNA  library  preparation for transcriptome Sequencing using  Illumina solexa platform, Provide  fresh  samples, collected on dry-ice

TLP  01

Genome Sequencing: Basic Sequencing and data analysis:

Raw  data/basic  sequence analysis without reference genome

Functional analysis

SDA  03


Genome Sequencing: Solexa Illumina Protocol

Paired  end  (per  lane)  @ 72 bp  read  length

SS 02

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