Gene Cloning, Gene Manipulation, Protein Expression And Purification Service

Research Services


 Catalogue No.

Synthetic Gene Synthesis

We synthesize the gene, clone and sequence verify

Good clone with no mutations delivered

Gene  expression/ protein purification services available Cat. # GEPS 01

SGS 01

Full-Length cDNA Cloning

Full-length cDNA from any organism

Based on partial cDNA information, consensus sequence data or homologous organism sequence data

Sequence confirmed clone delivered

Synthetic synthesis is also available, Cat. # SGS 01

Gene expression/ protein purification services available Cat.# GEPS 01


Development and Screening of cDNA /EST Library/ SSH Library

cDNA library developed from all sources

1,000 positive clones selected

All 1,000 clones are sequenced

All cDNA clones with annotated sequence data provided

Sequencing of more or fewer samples

CDN 01

Gene expression and Protein purification services

Genes are expressed in bacterial and Pichia and Mammalian systems based systems

Proteins are purified for antibody development, Crystallography, assay development, etc.

Proteins are solubilized and re-folded to active form as well

Milligram to Gram Scale

Protein expression and purification in bacterial expression system, ~5 mg

Protein expression and purification in Pichia expression system, ~5 mg

Protein expression and purification in Mammalian expression system

Baculovirus/ Insert cell line system













Solubilization of insoluble protein

Starting from insoluble / inclusion body, proteins are extracted and solubilized for activity

Different refolding protocols are tried and provided to Scientists for assays

More protein is solubilized following the same protocol (that performed on assay)

Biological activity not guaranteed

SIP 01

Gene Engineering Services

Development of Deletion mutants, Chimeras, Knock-out constructs, Constructs with repeat elements, etc

Development of Cloning/ Expression vectors

GES 01





Mutagenesis Services

Site-Directed mutagenesis of a cloned gene

Introduce or revert mutations or delete single to multiple bases

Upto  5  mutations  within 10 bp stretch are counted as single service

Sequence confirmed clone delivered

MUT 01

Random mutagenesis of a cloned gene

Introduce random mutations in whole gene/part of genes/ domain of interest 50 random clones delivered

One clone sequenced to confirm random mutations introduced.

MUT 02

siRNA Design and Synthesis

Designed and synthesized for different systems (Size: ~250-500 bp dsRNA, 3 Nos. per dsRNA, 50 µg)

siRNA and shRNA are synthesized

Site-less cloning performed for perfect transcript production, no extra bases

SIR 01



SHR 01

Drosophila siRNA

Available  for   silencing  all Drosophila genes individually

Validated to be gene-specific

Provided 10  µg enough for 10 or more experiments

DSR 01

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