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Cell Biology Services

Cell Biology Services


Catalogue No.

Antibody Gene Cloning

Cloning of variable region of both Light chain and Heavy chain for a given antigen

Antibody developed in Mouse

Upto 100 sequence data independently generated and analyzed

CBS 01

Standard Peptide Synthesis

Please specify the amount/scale and purity required

CBS 05

Customized antibody pair development for sandwich ELISA

A pair of antibodies (for Capture and Primary) developed  in  2 animal species

Protocol optimized on sandwich ELISA and delivered

Reagents for 1,000 assays delivered as kit form

CBS 02

Expression of biologically active soluble protein

Available in E. coli, Pichia and CHO based expression systems

Starts  from  Gene  cloning till purification of soluble and biologically active forms

Several protocols would be tried and assayed for activity (collaboration)

CBS 03

Modified / Labeled Peptide Synthesis

Please mention the modification and the label required

Please specify the amount / scale and purity required


CBS 04

Western Blotting and detection of antigens

For detection of antigen within cell lysates, tissues, etc. from cell lines and different other sources including plants

Primary antibodies can be provided or will be procured

Treatments can be provided and samples prepared by us

CBS 06

HLA Class I Typing

HLA-A/B/C typing by sequencing 

Exon 2 and 3 amplified

Genomic DNA isolation included

Sequence data provided


HLA Class II Typing

HLA- DRB1/ 3/ 4/ 5/ DBP1/ DQA1/ DQB1 typing by sequencing 

Exon 2 and 3 amplified

Genomic DNA isolation included

Sequence data provided


Northern Blotting Service


10 samples/ gel


Southern Blotting Service

10 samples/ gel BLOS 01
Western Blotting Service 9 samples/ gel BLOS 02

Contact services@chromous.com or call @ 09035005734 for more details


Marketing Regional Manager:  Kolkatta, Mumbai,Delhi

pHD in Life Sciences/Btech with MBA

 Sales Executive: Mumbai/Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi,Kolkatta


Scientist I: Bangalore

Freshers/1-2 years experience in molecular Biology

Scientist II: Bangalore

pHD in Life Science with experience in NGS Lib preparation/Sequencing

Scientist III: Bangalore

pHD in Life Science 

Send your CV to vandana@chromous.com