RNAi Services

Gene Silencing by Lentivirus based protocols 

shRNA lentiviral services:

  • We design shRNA sequences for the genes of your interest (or use your validated shRNAs
  • We construct the lentiviral inducible shRNA expression clones and generate 0.5ml of Ready-to-use shRNA lentivirus particles (1x107 IFU/ml)
  • We also provide you the free negative control shRNA lentiviral particles with corresponding selected marker 

 Over-Expression lentiviral services: 

  • We construct lentiviral expression clones for your target genes and generate 0.5 ml of ready-to-use high-titer expression lentivirus.
  • You have the options with different promoters (suCMV, inducible CMV, EF1a or CAG) and different selection markers or make fluorescent-target fusion, and 6His-tag at N-term or C-term of your target is optional. 

 miRNA expression and anti-miRNA lentivirus services:

  • miRNA expression: Construct expression lentivector and produce ready-to-use lentivirus for the precursor microRNA expression for you selected human or mouse miRNA listed in miRBase databse
  • Anit-miRNA: Construct anti-miRNA lentivector and produce ready-to-use lentivirus for inhibit any miRNA listed in miRBase database.

  Virus Production (packaging) service: 

  • We also provide service for lentivirus production. You just provide us your lentiviral expression vector; we deliver to you the pre-made, ready-to-use virus with the best titer possible from your vector. 

 Gene Knock-out / Knock-in and Gene Silencing Services

 Knock-out / Knock-in of specific gene(s) 

  • A gene or set of genes can be knocked-out or knocked-in based on this protocol
  • The targeted gene(s) are PCR amplified, cloned and sequence confirmed
  • The knock-in / knock-out constructs are designed, developed and sequence confirmed
  • The Gene / gene-set is inserted within the host genome within target region by site-specific homologous recombination protocol
  • The insertion / deletion of foreign gene(s) would be sequence-specific / site-specific 

siRNA Design and Synthesis

  • Designed and synthesized for different systems
  • Size: ~250-500 bp dsRNA, 3 nos. of dsRNA per target gene are prepared, 50 µg each
  • siRNA and shRNA are synthesized, site-less cloning
  • performed for perfect transcript production, no extra bases

 Drosophila siRNA

  • Available for silencing all drosophila genes individually
  • Gene-specific, provided 10 µg enough for >10 experiments

 Contact services@chromous.com or call @ 09035005734 for more details