Proteomics Services


  • Protein Characterization studies
  • Protein – Expression and Analysis
  • Purification of Biologically active protein

 Protein Characterization Studies

  • MALDI-TOF analysis
  • iTRAQ, Nano LC-MS analysis, 2D- Electrophoresis
  • N-Terminal sequencing
  • Disulfide Mapping
  • Glycopeptide Mapping
  • Heterogeneity Package
  • Measurement of Extinction Coefficient
  • Measurement of Protein Deamidation
  • Oligosaccharide Profiling of glycopeptides
  • Tryptic peptide mapping
  • Quantitative Amino acid Analysis (AAA)

 Protein Expression and Analysis:

  • Genes expressed in Bacterial, Pichia and mammalian systems
  • Proteins are purified for antibody development, crystallography, assay development, etc.,
  • Proteins are solubilized and re-folded to active form as well (on mg to Gram scale)

 Protein Purification 

  • Size-Exclusion, Anion-Exchange, Reverse-phase Chromatography
  • Purification of Biologically active Protein from Insoluble proteins

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