PCR Related Research Kits



Catalogue No.

Pack Size

PCR Master- Mix

Taq Polymerase-based kit

2X-mix (make up volume with template, primers and water)


 PCN 24





5 x 1 ml






ChromTaq Master-Mix

ChromTaq-based high fidelity PCR kit

2X-mix (make up volume with template, primers and water)


PCN 17

5 x 1 ml

GC-PCR Solution

Good for GC-rich repeat amplification (Fragile-X)

 Good for amplification of GC-rich genes (genes from M. tuberculosisgenome)


PCN 18     

1 ml

Long-PCR Master-Mix

5-20 kb amplification kit for plasmids/ genomes


PCN 20

5 x 1 ml

GreenTaq™ Master Mix

GreenTaq Polymerase based kit

2X-mix (make up to volume with template, primer and water)


PCN 19

5 x 1 ml

RedTaq Master-Mix

Red Taq Polymerase based kit

2X-mix (make up volume with template, primers and water)

PCN 25 5 x 1 ml

PCR Clean-up Kit

Spin column-based fast protocol

>90% recovery of amplicons

Amplicons between 100 bp and 10 kb can be purified

Removes left-over enzymes, primers and salt

Ideal for sequencing / ligation of amplicons

PCN 22


PCN 21

50 Reactions


100 Reactions

DNA Purification: from Gel

Spin Column based protocol for easy elution of PCR amplicons/ DNA fragments

70 bp to 16 kb fragments eluted >70% recovery

RKN 35

RKN 36

50 Reactions

100 Reactions

Genotyping Research Kit: RAPD

Novel technology using standard Primer or Fluorescent labeled Primer

20-mer RAPD primer for reproducible
RAPD profile

50-70 bands generated with high polymorphism

Taq polymerase, dNTP mix and control template provided

Fluorescent labeled primer generates labeled RAPD profile which is detected on a Genetic Analyzer

RKN 51 (Fluorescent primers)

RKN 52 (Fluorescent primers) 

RKN 49 (Standard 20-mer primer)

RKN 50 (Standard 20-mer primer)

10 Samples


25 Samples


10 Samples


25 Samples

Genotyping Research Kit: AFLP

All components for AFLP studies

Provided: Restriction enzymes, T4 DNA
ligase, AFLP primers, PCR Reagents, etc.

Selective PCR (second round of PCR) primers are fluorescent-labeled for easy and highly sensitive detection of bands on a Genetic Analyzer

100 or more fragments, all fluorescent labeled, will be generated

Highly polymorphic profiles obtained

Phylogenetic Tree can be developed for analyses of molecular relatedness

RKN 53

10 Sam

Genotyping Research kit: BioDiversity

A set of 5 Florescent-labeled primers and all PCR components are provided for studying 10 samples (50 reaction)

Guaranteed polymorphic profiles from varieties of biological samples

50-70 bands, all fluorescent labeled, will be generated, to be analyzed on a Genetic Analyzer

Phyloygenetic tree can be developed for anal ses of molecular relatedness

RKN 54

10 Samples

DNA Staining by VeriPCR (5X)

Instant check of successful / failed PCR Mix and observe DNA under GreenView system instantly/ UV-light

RKN 55

5 X 1ml