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Bacterial Growth Curve Teaching Kit

Growth curve/ pattern using
E.coli culture

MTK 23

MTK 23 F

10 Demos

5-50 Demos

Antibiotic Sensitivity
Teaching Kit

Sensitivity of E.coli bacteria towards 5 antibiotics

MTK 24


MTK 24 F

10 Demos


5-50 Demos

Bacterial Conjugation Teaching Kit

Exchange of genetic material between 2 strains of E.coli

MTK 26

MTK 26 F

10 Demos

5-50 Demos

Bacterial Transduction
Teaching Kit

Exchange of genes from one
bacteria to another using helper-phage

MTK 27

MTK 27 F

10 Demos

5-50 Demos

Phage Titration Teaching Kit

Plaque formation by Phage on
E.coli host

MTK 28

MTK 28 F

10 Demos

5-50 Demos

Isolation/ Quantification of
Soil Bacteria

Quantification by Serial
dilution, Bacteria grown on agar plates

MTK 35

MTK 35 F

10 Demos

5-50 Demos

Bacterial Transposon Teaching Kit

Transposition of AB-resistance between two strains of E. coli

MTK 36

MTK 36 F

10 Demos

5-50 Demos

Gram Staining

Staining technique performed for identification of bacteria

MTK 48

10 Demos


Marketing Regional Manager:  Kolkatta, Mumbai,Delhi

pHD in Life Sciences/Btech with MBA

 Sales Executive: Mumbai/Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi,Kolkatta


Scientist I: Bangalore

Freshers/1-2 years experience in molecular Biology

Scientist II: Bangalore

pHD in Life Science with experience in NGS Lib preparation/Sequencing

Scientist III: Bangalore

pHD in Life Science 

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